CEO Message

Mehr Ali Mughal
Mehr Ali Mughal (Managing Director)

At Al-Karim Builders, our mission is clear and our goals are straight forward.

The strategy is simple:


motivated skilled partners and employees; significant
financial strength and stability; a willingness to look beyond conventional performance measurements and an untiring
commitment to our customers.

These are the hallmarks of Al-Karim Builders.At Al-Karim Builders, entrepreneurial culture encourages people to dream. We have viewed obstacles as opportunities placed a premium on sweat equity and sought out our affiliates and individuals who share our passion for excellence.

Our management philosophy focuses on the following goals:

  • To enhance and maintain our strong position amongst the elite property developers in Pakistan.
  • Strengthen our profile as a company of high quality and reliability in all areas.
  • Create sustainable living.
  • Increase our productivity and services through continuous improvement and development of our staff and


  • Constantly re-assess the market to eliminate risks and exploit opportunities, passing on the benefits to our


  • Endeavor to harvest profits by way of acquiring confidence of its climate and development standard of high


Working together, we believe the best is yet to come

We assure our clients of best possible standard of development and timely completion of project and wish our
clients the very best.